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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  July 19, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hello, everybody. time for another edition of "right this minute." we've got videos first. a 6-year-old girl makes run a for her life after being terrorized by her own father. the story behind her daring dash to safety. >> she's got to run towards a guy with a gun and a helmet on. >> a rowdy crowd starts a food fight at wal-mart. >> here's what went down. >> how a night of party hopping got way out of control. an abandoned dog becomes a good luck charm for a baseball pitcher. >> tell us what's so special about little stevie. >> probably the most adorable and well-behaved puppy. >> hear what made him the ultimate mascot. >> and see a video of doing men things the other way. >> see what happens when men throw with the wrong arm. time to get our show started
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with our first video of the day. gail has it. >> police in oklahoma city say a 6-year-old is okay after she was held hostage by her father. in this video, you can see she's been let go. she's running into the arms of a s.w.a.t. team member. >> she must be so confused right now. >> she's got to run towards a guy with a gun and a helmet on. >> police say a woman called early in the morning saying my boyfriend is holding me and my 2-year-old and 6-year-old girls hostage. the girl's mother and younger sister were able to escape, but the girl was still inside the house. police called and negotiated with him. eventually, the father was found dead after the girl got out of the home. >> you know if he harmed her in any way while she was in the house? >> immediately afterwards, she
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was swept into an ambulance and checked for injuries. at this point, they didn't indicate anything was wrong. >> after the mom and 2-year-old left the house, there was a gunshot, but the little girl didn't come out of the house for three hours. >> according to the suspect's mother, she says he had been involved with the girls' mother on and off for ten years. >> what led to this? >> the investigation is ongoing. there's no indication as to what specifically may have set this man off. the suspect's mother said she doesn't believe it was a hostage situation. she can't because she says there's no way her son would hold her grandchild hostage. there are the good kind of flash mobs where people do some cool choreographed dance in the mall and everybody likes it. then there are flash mobs like this. the bad kind where people take over a store. this time in jacksonville, florida, at a wal-mart supercenter around 11:20 p.m. in this video it looks like
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hundreds of teenage party goers at this place. they've took over the produce section. they're throwing things around, riding in shopping carts. you see them at times sort of hamming it up for the cameras. >> did these people steal anything? were they just going in to cause destruction? was this a flash rob? >> here's what went down. these people were all apparently at a party earlier in the night at a north jacksonville subdivision. the party was broken up when somebody was shot in the leg. police were called to that scene. that happened at about 10:00 p.m. they all went to wal-mart at about 11:20. a wal-mart spokesperson said some snacks and soda were stolen. also, gunshots were reported in the parking lot but no injuries and no cars were damaged. >> were there people shopping in the wal-mart at the time? >> i would imagine. it was open at the time and you don't see any employees. that's because they're trained to steer clear of things like this and get the authorities there. >> were police able to get there before the crowd left? >> police were called to the
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scene. no arrests were made. they're investigating this incident and the shooting. >> what went wrong is they have no respect for other people, for personal property. think about the liability for wal-mart. you're talking about customers who could have been hurt by these kids. >> there's so many people. how do you identify them? >> you can identify the one guy that waved because somebody needs it tell his mom and dad, look what he was doing last night. check out these videos we found online just hours after they were posted. they are of a waterspout in brunswick, georgia. >> that doesn't look real at all. >> i thought it was a string or a hair on the camera lens. >> no, it's a waterspout. it's over a body of water. this guy pulled over on the side of the road to shoot this. it's amazing to see the dark clouds at the top and this very thin waterspout go down the very
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middle of the screen. >> are we sure that's not a bean stock? >> i think bean stock may be out of the question because this has been confirmed to be a waterspout. it was moving at about 15 miles an hour. they're not known to be particularly destructive, but they did issue a tornado warning. look at this video from a completely dierentangle. it a little cl. waterspout a loath more defined and even thinner half way down the screen. >> that is weird. >> it's so weird. >> we've seen tons of waterspouts on this show. normally they look like tornadoes. they don't look like this. how is this even staying active with that kind of circumference? >> i'm nervous this is aliens. aliens are being transported down that thing. they're looking around. they're going to suck somebody up. i don't like that. >> take us to your leader. >> i think this would be a total nightmare if you got involved in
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some sort of road rage incident. of course, on some sort of russian road. up ahead a car makes a left. the guys up front seem to take a little disagreement with the way the guy with the dash cam came up on his bumper. you see him sticking his head out. that's the beginning of this confrontation. >> oh! >> oh, no. >> thankfully, no cars were coming in that direction at that moment. watch what happens next. these guys whip around, get out of the car. they're all big and pretty pissed off. this guy with the dash cam has no other option to then just throw it in reverse and try and get away from these three guys. the guy gets some distance, but they're not done. look at this. they come right at him again. oh, now he's in the lane. >> oh, no. and this guy's coming after him. >> yes. the worst part about this video
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is coming right about now. when the video cuts off. i have no idea how this ends. one of those stories we just find great video but can't seem to find any real information about. would never want to be in road rage like that. meet captain kevin. he spears a fish -- >> then a little friend comes along. >> a little friend named shark. but don't worry. captain kevin shows us how to fight off a shark. >> important thing to remember, these sharks eat a fish, so don't dress like a fish. and meet stanley. >> a high-tech honky tonk piano.
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get ready for another edition of "rtm" where we tell
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you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> this one you're going to love. jeremy lin has made a parody to the famous gotye "somebody that i used to know" song. >> why'd you have to sign so high? >> i have a hilarious prank video you might hate. it's a hidden camera prank inside of a men's bathroom. this guy is sitting down on his throne. the door is unlocked, and the hidden camera is to catch the reactions of the people who walk in on this guy on the toilet. >> that is a good prank. i don't mind. >> head over to our website, click on -- >> best of rtm. these skateboarders wanted to do something different. they went out to the breakers. they took a boat out there to
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skate where nobody had skated before. so they got a boat and they went out to the breakers. >> they bought like a $4 raft. >> once they got out to the breakers, they got to do their moves. so they're doing their thing. but what always happens when you're some play you shouldn't be? >> po-po. >> the po-po showed up. >> what? they're not bothering anybody out there. come on. >> the thing you never want to hear from the police, stop now. so the police come. then they take the raft and don't even ride in the raft back. they have to ride in the police boat. >> hey, hay gthey got a better
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back. >> what are the police doing interrupting these guys' fun? >> but the fun doesn't really happen unless the police come. it's a question we've all asked ourselves thousands of times. what am i supposed to do when i'm spear fishing in the florida keys anartries to steal the fis speared? >> i asked that question yesterday. >> to answer it, we have captain kevin. >> hi, this is captain kevin. i'm out here spear fishing. >> i know. i feel bad for the fish. eat tuna. spears a fish, but then a little friend comes along. that's a nurse shark. this is what kevin says you're supposed to do. >> scare it away, right?
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>> exactly. he says you do this. you kind of just jab at him in the nose. kind of show dominance, scare this thing away. >> just give him one or two good pokes. you don't want to hurt him. just pop him good enough to earn his respect. he's going to wonder whether or not you're worth risking an injury to get that food source. >> but then we see him again. he goes back. >> this is what you got to do to keep yourself safe and really it's not a big deal. >> this is a nurse shark. kevin does go on to point out in his youtube description, if it's a bull shark, give the shark the fish you just caught and get out of there. the important thing to remember, these sharks eat fish, so don't dress like a fish. >> do a lot of people go spear fishing in fish costumes? >> i don't think so. that would probably be counterproductive. or maybe it's like camo. you want to look like a fish to catch a fish.
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>> that's how you defend yourself from a nurse shark here in the florida keys. it is pure, chaotic racing. >> a race like no other. see it next, "right this minute." a black bear in the waters got us talking smack. >> i want to smack his booty. not in a good way. >> see the story behind all the tough bear talk next. this video is of men doing things the other way. >> men throwing with their wrong hand and looking like girls. >> i'm laughing because it's true. i would look just as bad. >> see hour guys do it like girls "right this minute."
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remember, "right this minute" is all new, all summer long. steven, it's time for a good old-fashioned piano party with a high-tech twist. this video produced by digital kitchen is introducing us to stanley, a high-tech honky tonk piano that plays itself. >> no. have these been around for a while? i felt like i've seen this in old-timy western bars. what makes this one different? >> this one takes requests by using technology. the song the piano is playing now is a song by the miracle club. we're going to bring in our honky tonk playing piano guru. hey, zach.
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yeehaw. we've seen pianos that play themselves, but this one takes requests. >> through twitter. >> whoa. >> so you can actually tweet @stanleypiano. tell it what song to play. it will play your song. if it knows the song, it will tell you what time it's going to play it and go for it. >> so it tweets you back? >> it will. it'll tell you when your song is being played. and if. you go to during the weekend, you can see a live feed of it playing. >> we have viewers in seattle. we should have them tweet the stanley piano to play the "right this minute" theme song. >> that is not the theme song. >> we'll see if he can play that. that would be cool. take some video of that, seattle. english bulldog puppies. what's not to love?
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♪ > this men doing things the other way. see if you can figure out what it is. >> yeah. let me try to throw this one lefty. you always look like you've never thrown anything in your life. >> yeah, you look a little ridiculous. this is a compilation of men throwing rocks, things with their other hand, the one they're not used to using. >> i'm laughing because i'd look just as bad.
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>> how bad? >> here, you try it. >> all right. >> oh. that was a little embarrassing. >> no one looks cool trying it unless people who can do both. >> ambidextrous. well, this video was shot in argenti argentina. it's weird to see guys who are cute and handsome and built throw like -- >> girls. >> girls throw better than that. he's the newest name on the baseball roster, but stevie has a very special story. >> he was abandoned when he was like a month old, and he had a really bad accident. >> how stevie the wonder dog
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we like a good dare here and there. >> who doesn't? >> well, there's now a website where you can basically dare anybody to do anything, and you can make money off of it. that guy definitely did. or you can dare someone to do it. you can think of some crazy thing you want someone you know to do. people that see this can support this several ways. you can either choose to do this for money. the other way is you can just do it for fun.
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you can do it for likes. >> can i select who i want to do the dare? like if i want to dare steven to run through the office nude. i wasn't going to go there, but hey. >> in speedos. how about that? >> you don't have to dare me. >> or i could dare you to wear red lipstick because i know several of our friends have been wanting to see nick in red lipstick. >> and if i choose to do the dare, i get paid? >> yep. i have a beautiful story for you guys. it involves a minor league baseball team. we got this story from kob in albuquerque. the albuquerque isotopes have a new team member. it's this little guy stevie. >> the dog? >> the dog. stevie is a rescue dog from the watermelon ranch where the team's pitcher and several other players were serving as volunteers. stevie has a very special story. his name is not just see it vee. it's actually stevie wonder.
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>> is he blind? >> let's talk about that with the pitcher of the albuquerque isotopes. we have john eli via skype from albuquerque. tell us what's so special about little stevie. >> stevie happens to be blind. he was abandoned when he was like a month old. he had a really bad accident. they had to -- you know, after everything was said and done, they had to take out both of his eyes because one was infected and was one so damaged. he's probably the most adorable and best-behaved puppy you've ever met in your life. i couldn't live without him. we decided to bring him out to the game that night. i adopted him the next day. >> is he a team dog? is he your dog? >> he's my dog. he's in chicago right now. he's just here for about a month, living in the locker room. he was like our team mascot. it was pretty great. everybody pitched in and was helping raise him. he couldn't have been any happier. you know, he would brighten up everybody's day. win or lose, we'd come in and
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get to see stevie. it was really uplifting to have him around the dugout. >> how does he get along without any vision? >> got to be sense of smell or hearing or something. he gets his way around. he very rarely bumps into anything. >> have the isotopes been on a run nce stevie came aund? >> we're ing real well. we were playing pretty well beforehand, but stevie came along. it was like everybody had a resurgence of energy. i don't know if i'd call it a coincidence. we started winning ef game as soon as we picked him up. while on a boat in points north in saskatchewan, these two guys saw something switching and decided to slap it on the booty. did i mention it was a bear? this bear is just swimming trying to get to the other side of the lake. these guys try and catch up to it. they do a little slap and tickle. >> why?
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>> because they're dudes on a trip. >> seems a little cruel to me. a poor bear is trying to get somewhere. now they're bearing down on him in a boat and probably scaring him, making him swim faeser. and he has to withstand the humiliation. >> leave the bear alone. kind of careless on their part. it's a bear. >> this bear is like, wait until i get back on land. don't you think about coming outside. >> i want to smack his booty. not in a good way. at one point the guy even says -- >> hey, grab his ears. they like that. >> how does one know a bear likes its ears tickled? why not just enjoy the wonder of seeing a bear swimming from one island to another? >> the answer is very simple. because dudes love stories like, oh, my god, you're never going to believe it. one time i smacked a bear right on the butt. >> no, you didn't. then they show the video. that's our show. we'll see you next time for another edition of "right this minute."
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